Community Open Seminars

Grief and Suicide 

Grief under any circumstance is difficult. Suicide adds a complex dimension to the process of grieving. There are many questions that accompany the loss of a loved one by suicide.


Finding Direction In Grief  

The death of a loved one is a life-altering event. The conflicting emotions of grief can often be hard to understand and navigate. Although you did not ask for this, the fact is you now have a “new normal.”


How To Help My Child Grieve  

We hate to see our children suffer. This seminar explores how we can best assist children in the grieving process and what type of conversations we can have around death? This seminar will also explore developmental patterns from childhood to adolescence.

8 Week Grief

We offer an 8-week group support format that uses open discussion concerning different topics related to adaptation after loss.  This group offers a safe-haven where one can work through the feelings of grief.  You will find yourself surrounded by people who know the pain of grief and who are willing to listen and help.

This group is a series of 8 weekly, 1 hour sessions and is an action based educational program.

For more information please contact Chris at 519-992-4548 or

With You Every Step Walking Group

The “With you Every Step Walking Group” combines fresh air, exercise and companionship for those who have suffered the loss of someone in their life.  The group meets every week for a casual 2.5 km walk around Lakewood Park in Tecumseh.  We begin with an informal check-in followed by the walk.