Breathing Under Water: The Value of Grief
Because grief is painful and foreign, many people try to avoid the emotional pain of a death. Ceremonies and times of memory can be powerful tools for opening grief up in a healthy and safe way. This presentation focuses on the power of ceremony and significance of the grief experience.


Get in the bucket: Helping friends grieve
This interactive presentation offers suggestions on how to come alongside a bereaved person and offer meaningful support. Learn about what to say to a grieving person and other ways that you can be of real help at this time of loss.


The Grief Journey: A process of adaptation
The death of a loved one is a life-altering event. The conflicting emotions of grief can often be hard to understand and navigate. Although you did not ask for this, the fact is you now have a “new normal.” The grief journey is not about learning to simply move on or move past your loss. It is a series of adaptations where we learn to navigate our new normal in a healthy and productive fashion. This interactive presentation will help to provide a road map for your grief journey. We will discuss some of the myths and
misinformation that is out there and offer practical guidance for
the journey forward.


Handling the Holidays: Making Sense of Grief
Holidays are hard under the best of circumstances. But when you’re grieving, what is normally manageable, can become overwhelming. This presentation offers helpful coping strategies on how to approach the holidays with intentionality and direction.


Telling the Story: The Value of Personalizing Ceremony
We find many families are moving away from traditional funeral models and opting for more story-focussed approach that is tailored to their loved one’s life. At Windsor Chapel, we specialize in telling life stories with a unique touch to give families a service unique to their needs. This presentation will focus on personalization options, offering of our expert in house celebrants and participation.


How To Be A Perfect Stranger: Religious Practices and Beliefs
Research indicates that approximately 85% of the world’s population has some form of religious practice. With this awareness, the study of world religion is more important than ever. Sometimes what we know about unfamiliar religions is left to media and popular opinion. As Windsor and Essex becomes more diverse in its population, awareness and appreciation for the religious beliefs and practices of others is significant.

The focus of this seminar is to assist your group in an appreciation of the values and beliefs of the three major monotheistic religions of the world including: religious customs and practices, dying, death and the funeral process.


Let’s Talk Death: The Elephant in the Room
As a culture, we shy away from discussions around death. Even when a loved one is faced with a terminal diagnosis we can find ourselves ignoring the elephant in the room. While shying away from the conversation of dying and death is understandable, perhaps there are better ways of approaching the subject. So, what do you say when someone is dying? This seminar will focus on helpful conversations that can happen around the topic of death so that the days leading up to and after death can be meaningful for all those involved.

If you are interested in any of these seminars please contact Chris Gevaert at 519-992-4548,, or Scott Lockwood at 519-566-8175,